Ilse Britt is a story of coveted vintage and home objects rooted in design and nature

Like an iconic building that stands the test of time, each collection explores the journey of a woman who is not afraid to take up space in the world and leave her mark. Sourced with intention and informed by shape, texture, quality, material and color, each piece combines the paradox of strength and ambition underscored by sensuality and ease. It captures the essence of a woman who knows her unique edge. ILSE BRITT builds on this concept with each new season continuing to expand and connect all the opposing elements that make each one of us powerful and rare. 

Ilse Britt is a stylist and art director living and working in Los Angeles.

As the creator behind her eponymous brand, she has a unique eye and affinity for beautiful things. Her background in interior design and fashion started at a young age wandering flea markets with her mother, beginning her collection of art books and magazines which lead to styling and photographing her friends on a whim. There is a playfulness in her style contrasted by a boldness that blends masculine and feminine into a singular vision. As a multi-dimensional artist, she dabbles in different realms – interior design, styling, hair & makeup, photography, and music – using each as a medium for self-expression and storytelling. ILSE BRITT unites all of these passions under one roof and aims to develop them further while sharing the journey with other multifaceted creatives.